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  Composition and writing on music
  Composition: the artistic trace of a life,
with the intensities of being human imprinted upon,
rather than encoded in, the music.
Hellawell feature in Dublin with Hard Rain Soloist Ensemble. National Concert Hall,
Wednesday 26th November 6.30pm
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CoMA's 21st Anniversary:
Saturday 25th October, St John's Smith Square.
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Austrian Cultural Forum's festival of new music:
*Piers Hellawell meets six featured composers
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Major new interview with Piers Hellawell in Tempo (October 2014):
"... one of the United Kingdom’s most interesting and thoughtful composers."
Published in Tempo no.270, p.48-56. © Cambridge University Press. Used by permission.

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New CD Now available on    Piers Hellawell: Airs, Waters - Fidelio Trio, RTE National Symphony Orchestra, Robert Plane & Pierre-André Valade

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Video Talks
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'The Past Frames The Composer
Frames The Past' -
Piers Hellawell's paper to the 2014
Dublin Composers' Conference.
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