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  Composition and writing on music
  Composition: the artistic trace of a life,
with the intensities of being human imprinted upon,
rather than encoded in, the music.
Listen to Up By The Roots (2016) – Fidelio Trio and poet Sinéad Morrissey, live! Click here.
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Wild Flow at 2016 Proms! listen here to the World Premiere by Ulster Orchestra/Payare

New video!
Friction play Driftwood on Sand in San Francisco
click here; Psappha play Sound Carvings from Rano Raraku in Manchester – click here

New song setting for JUICE!
Hear Philautia, written for the trio JUICE in 2014.
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Major interview with Piers Hellawell in
Tempo (Oct 2014) © Cambridge University Press. Used by permission.
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New CD Now available on    Piers Hellawell: Airs, Waters - Fidelio Trio, RTE National Symphony Orchestra, Robert Plane & Pierre-André Valade

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